How To Utilize For A Pan Card

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How To Apply For H5N1 PAN Card: Indians utilization the Permanent Account Number (PAN) Card as an identification document for dissimilar purposes. Many PAN cardholders neither piece of job nor file revenue enhancement returns but accept the PAN bill of fare but for the move of identification.

Applying for a PAN bill of fare is real simple. You tin create it online or via a govt. app. Want to know how? Find out here!

Applying For PAN

The Income Tax subdivision has simplified the procedure of applying for a PAN card. While the PAN bill of fare could before live on obtained but through middlemen, who were normally Chartered Accountants, today the PAN bill of fare tin live on easily applied for online. This is an slowly too user-friendly process, amongst clear instructions too guidelines given at every stage.
Here are the steps involved in applying for a PAN card should you lot wishing to create it online –
  1. Visit the website of the Tax Information Network –
  2. This is the abode page of the Income Tax subdivision too offers dissimilar services such every minute applying for a novel PAN, tracking the condition of revenue enhancement refund too online PAN verification. The applicant tin pick out the service that they want.
  3. To apply for a novel PAN, Form 49A volition take away to live on used. Form 49A tin live on filled online past times visiting

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  1. Fill inward the details too submit the cast online. After the cast is submitted successfully, an acknowledgment is displayed. You volition larn a unique xv digit acknowledgment number. This acknowledgment must live on saved too printed.
  2. The acknowledgment cast must live on sent to the Income Tax department. Before sending this, you lot volition take away to attach a few documents along amongst the acknowledgment form. This includes proof of address too proof of identity. Your holler which is mentioned inward these documents should live on inward the same format every minute that on the PAN application form. Keep this inward heed when you lot are filling Form 49A.
  3. You must likewise affix 2 recent color photographs on the acknowledgment cast inward the applicable space. Signatures accept to live on made where indicated. The photograph you lot affix should live on clear too a recent one, every minute this is the same photograph which volition live on used on your PAN card.
The steps higher upward are unproblematic too self-explanatory. There are adequate instructions, guidelines too a listing of do’s too don’ts on the website that volition direct you lot inward the PAN application process.

How to runway your application

The application condition tin live on tracked online later the acknowledgment has been sent. Payments made tin likewise live on tracked online. NSDL likewise offers the facility of tracking past times writing to them at their address or past times sending an SMS to 57575 past times typing SMS NSDLPAN <space> Acknowledgement No.
The procedure of changing or correcting the details of your existing PAN bill of fare is similar to the procedure of applying for a novel PAN card. Fill inward the PAN Change Request Form online too follow the steps above. This PAN alter asking subdivision likewise has split upward guidelines, instructions too do’s too don’ts.
Now you lot no longer accept to depend on soul else to larn a PAN bill of fare for yourself or anyone you lot know. Simply follow the steps higher upward too you’re all set.