Best Cars For Dissimilar Budgets

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Best Cars For Different Budgets: Not able to select the best car within your budget? Here are my top choices inwards 4 unlike budget categories, simply for you.

 Here’s a quick breakdown of my favourite cars from 4 unlike budget categories:

Budget – five Lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Alto

Price: Starts at Rs. 2.67 Lakhs (Ex-showroom Chennai for Alto 800 standard)
C’mon, who doesn’t honey the Alto? The Maruti Suzuki Alto is for the budget-conscious lot who don’t desire to compromise on mode as well as a peppy performance. The blueprint is commendable. The mileage is keen – aspect betwixt 25 to 33 km from this mini car. And the best piece of occupation is that it is affordable too.

Renault Kwid

Price: Starts at 2.78 Lakhs (Ex-showroom Chennai)
Hello, kiddo! This entry-level hatchback is immensely pop inwards its segment. It’s lightweight; it’s got an SUV-like appearance; it’s got top-class features, as well as it’s the fastest auto inwards its segment. This fiddling youngster has for sure constitute a house inwards my see (not withal inwards my garage though but someday soon, maybe!).

Tata Tiago

Price: Starts at Rs. 3.29 Lakhs (Ex-showroom Chennai)
It’s chic. It’s a value-for-money option. But the query is does it stand upwards up to competition? Well, if it didn’t, as well as thence it wouldn’t receive got made it to my listing of favourites. I remember that the Tiago has simply the correct amount of everything – styling, interiors, performance, etc. – needed to fare good inwards its segment. Influenza A virus subtype H5N1 lineament production from Tata with a decent toll tag, ideal for price-conscious Indian buyers.

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Maruti WagonR

Price: Starts at Rs. 4.30 Lakhs (Ex-showroom Chennai)

Another pop Maruti product, the WagonR is a hot favourite alongside Indian consumers inwards the modest hatchbacks segment. I mean, who wouldn’t autumn inwards honey with that tall-boy blueprint as well as smoothen performance, right? I experience that the WagonR is the perfect ride for modest families who do non desire to pass a bomb on a car. What do y’all think?

Budget – x Lakhs

Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2017

Price: Starts at Rs. 5.38 Lakhs (Ex-showroom Chennai)
It was i of the best selling cars final year. And why wouldn’t it be? New blueprint language, lots of smart features, AGS option, as well as equipped with security features fifty-fifty inwards the criterion variants, the Maruti Suzuki Dzire 2017 is for sure going to dominion its segment. And the affordable toll tag makes this sub-4 metre compact sedan a keen conduct handle of for the price-conscious lot.

Volkswagen Polo

Price: Starts at Rs. 5.42 Lakhs (Ex-showroom Chennai)
The best matter most the VW Polo is that it tin accept on everything y’all throw at it – it is i hell of a powerful fiddling hatch. Sporty, spacious, fuel-efficient, as well as packed with keen features, the VW Polo is a smart purchase if your budget is inside Rs. x lakhs.

Hyundai Elite i20

Price: Starts at Rs. 5.29 Lakhs (Ex-showroom Chennai)
The Hyundai Elite i20 is a keen purchase nether the x lakh bracket! We’re non simply proverb this because it’s i good-looking premium hatch, but also because of the tonnes of keen features, it comes with. I totally honey the car’s fluid aesthetics, its spacious as well as comfy interiors, the smoothen withal powerful driving experience it offers, as well as its fuel efficiency.

Budget – twenty Lakhs

Jeep Compass

Price: Starts at 15.18 Lakhs (Ex-showroom Chennai)
Combine a sporty blueprint with a corporation ready as well as keen off-roading capability as well as you’ll larn the Jeep Compass. If you’re looking for a novel laid of wheels which volition give y’all practiced fuel efficiency as well as a power-packed driving experience (especially for the route trips out of the city), as well as thence the Jeep Compass is a keen purchase inside the Rs. twenty lakh bracket.

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Remember there a keen many options nether each budget category mentioned above. I’ve simply listed my favourites nether each budget category. Base your auto buying determination on your budget, your needs, as well as your preferences.